Speeding up Visual Studio 2017 and Resharper

den 8 januari 2018 av Dennie

Microsoft and Visual Studio is great in so many ways. But when a project/solution is getting slow and partly unresponsive from time to time and ofcourse it always happen at the worst timing, in an already stressed out situation it's pure torture to work.

Are you also running Resharper? Then you have probably got quite tired of the message that states that Resharper is slowing down Visual Studio which kindly offer to disable it.

After a deep dive with Process Monitor from Microsoft Sysinternals, I realized that there was a lot of Windows Defender and Visual Studio itself who stole most processor power.

In short:
Making exceptions in Windows Defender for your development tools and working folders made a great impact.
Also, a lot of default Visual Studio settings could be disabled or changed, depending on your development style/needs etc.

A great guide with some pointers of what could be enhanced: Tweaking the environment to speed up Visual Studio.

Resharper can be slow from time to time, I don't argue with that, but that can also be fixed, a quite recent post from JetBrains will help you speed up Resharper could be helpful there.